03 October 2009

sesame's treet smart e's.

Went to First Friday last night and had a real world Stumbleupon in a brand new dusty poster warehouse. Bought an insane poster because of its colors and because it says "sesame's treet smart e's" (i.e. sesamestreetsmarts): totally perfect for an "I-like-being-grown-up-but-don't-want-to-Grow-Up" apartment!

But, to buy a poster and known nothing about the music it's representing is B.A.D. So I Googled it, and the result has made me even happier. Perfect purchase!



Discorporating Damaged Girl,
You've gained your freedom in my world.
Of course you flew into 3rd Street--
What are you? Not a piece of meat.
Fly within this space I've found
And come back when your feet need ground.

Four-Square Friday.

Add:      Random Shouts
+           Random Answers
+           Cheap Beer
+           3D Sidewalk Chalk
+           Road Bikes
+           Flowing Conversation
+           Public Urination
+           Indifferent Cops
+           Four Rooms
=           New Friends!

02 October 2009

South St-ripper Shop Savvy.

Finally--a businessowner who bought mannequins that really resemble the clientele!
Is it legal to be topless in public?
I know this place is all about nudity, but no skin? Come on!
Happy Halloweenie!

Macro loves fiber, too!

Couldn't eat this chocolate poo chip before I photoed it!

L-Town Rock

Depart: My apartment, South Philly; 11:16am

Bananas on top of fire alarms;
Backwoods banshees do no harm:
Screaming karma gets you nowhere.
Look out the window, there’s so much there!

PATCO screeches, djembe drums,
Cyclo-commuter, he ain’t dumb.
Golf umbrella and rain guard attached;
Man’s got what I don’t on my back.

Pocket-sized and streamlined lives
Protect from tumbling nosedives.
Blackberry or iPhone, can’t live without?
In your Escalade, no doubt.

My Life could fit inside that prison
American dream, Jesus is Risen.
Freedom? Try a week on a bike.
Find addictions your whole Self will like!

Time on a train is time worth takin’,
Just open those eyes to thoughts worth makin’.

Arrive: Lindenwold, NJ; 11:55am

Stay Imaginary!

A child without play is no child, I say.

01 October 2009

Once You Go Black…

Red light? Looks green to me--
zipping straight down South Street.
Won’t stop, I’ve got a date
three close friends, can’t make me late.
Their Tritone deep;
their flavor strong;
their colors dark;
their journeys long.
Don’t fail me now, such a Wyrd day;
got no more WORC, no bills to pay!
Don't need no car, got my jetpack:
a hundred pockets right on my back.
Purple-yellow steed, my ride;
Lightning, fast, slides past your side.
Please, Officer, resist brutality
's only black tea, dark coffee, and cheap whiskey!

Curried Butternut Autumn Stew

As per Rachel's request, this is how I cooked the photo from "Griots Guide":

Step 1, Meat:
1/2 lb Chicken, FRESH from a butcher (none of that freezer shit)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cut in soup-size bites and sautee with hot curry powder in bottom of your stewpot.

Step 2, Produce:
(Find a farmer's market! Then, this whole meal will run you about $3.)
1 onion
1 lb butternut squash
1 granny smith apple
any other veggies that might be going bad (in my case, asparagus and broccoli)
CHOP all of these in soup-size pieces. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and put the hard squash in.

Step 3, Boil:
While waiting for the squash to get mushy in the oven (not too long!), pour 5-6 or so cups of water with 1 large chicken bouillon cube added (yay MSG!) and 3 tbs butter to the chicken in the pot. Add the rest of the veggies to your chicken and start the boil. Take out the squash, pull (or cut) the flesh away from its tough skin, and MASH with your hands! Add squash to stew and keep at a low bubble.

Step 4, Spices: 
As you're cooking, add as much of the following as you'd like (I like a lot): hot curry, chili powder, salt pepper, cumin, rosemary

Step 5, Wait:
I waited about 2-2.5 hours before I ate this, and it was great. However, if I make it in the future, I'm definitely letting it sit in a crockpot all day.

Step 6, Mouthgasm:

30 September 2009

Griots Guide

Light my path down Home,
Orange Autumn day;

crispy wispy Winds,
lead my Cares astray;

Summer, don't get in
Mother Nature's way;

October stews and witches brews,
it's time to come and Play.