05 November 2009

Anarchism: Self, I toldja so.

A book talk with the editors at Wooden Shoe Books tonight left me both unsurprised and infuriated. If you aren't feeling the same by the end of this, you're not thinking hard enough.

The book: Contemporary Anarchist Studies: An Introductory Anthology of Anarchy in The Academy.
The price: $44.95
The talk, in a nutshell:
- We're anarchists, but we really like the comfort provided by The Ivory Tower. Working at McDonald's is really, really horrible, you know?

- We don't want to change the educational system from within. It's a job. We have no illusions. We might change some kids, but people we work with are all Narcissistic and don't want to be part of a community. They just don't hear us, you know?

- The big academic publishers are corporate and we're anti-corporate, but we published with Routledge because they're a big academic publisher and if we published with AK or PM Press we might not get tenure. We've got to work together, but we have to make names for ourselves, you know?

- When I was 18, I was naive. I protested and camped out in front of ministries for what I believed in. Now I would never participate in a "Rights" movement. What are rights, you know?

- We're really more critical of ourselves than any of our reviewers. I mean, the book was edited by five people, all of them men. No one in their right mind would do that in sociology these days, you know?

- You don't want to go to grad school because clearly you're a daddy's girl who was born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Dropping out is so upper-middle class. I'm a working class immigrant who worked at McDonald's. I know how bad it is out there, you know?
    No. I don't know. And you don't get it. So I will ask you the only questions of the night that make everyone feel uncomfortable:

    - Why does education have to be in established universities? If you're thinkers and teachers, why not create your own schools? Last time I checked, thinking outside the box is, like, what anarchism's all about.

    - How can you possibly call yourselves anarchist activists if you spend your days exchanging intellectual handjobs to the very people and institution indoctrinating youth to be a part of the machine we're all caught in?
      HYP-O-CRITES. Hypocrites!

      In case you're confused by what "Anarchism" and "Anarchy" are (because I was when I walked out), Wikipedia has a slew of information, as always. You'll probably still be confused when you finish reading the articles because anarchists can't seem to agree on who they are, either. And they love labels and making up ridiculous jargon, just like all sociopoliticalites. See? I made one up, too, just for good measure.

      Wake up, guys. You're not doing anyone any good where you are except yourselves. You want a revolution, talk to my boys, Ivan or Friedrich, or my girl, Alexandra. Or talk to me.

      We don't need any more "critical" professors--revolutionary cowards that can't cut it. We don't need them to document it, package it, push it, and wave it around until someone on fire picks it up and runs with it. We need more runners on fire instead.

      And we need more NESTS:

      03 November 2009

      So that's what that is.

      Conversation with the moon tonight,
      thinking unclouded, visions were bright.
      She said, "It's quite nice to be a child--
      just keep looking up once in a while."

      Then petals white by the thousands heaved
      to show me all whose colors I breathe,
      and thousands of ears turned toward my voice
      as my eyes asked questions without choice.

      These mothers passed to me a strange lot:
      though they remain silent, I am taught.