14 December 2009

Finding your Center Street:

This is the space where magic happens
people supporting our spouting on napkins
the have-nothings & want-lesses
the pouring hearts & spit up messes.

We're all built to make, create, & change
to go through it all & rearrange
There are lessons in every web we weave
all the forget-me-nots & tricks up sleeves.

The holes in our cores don't mend themselves
when we write our thoughts & keep them on shelves
of nights when sleeping men won't die
& families won't steal every tear in our eyes.

No horseshoe or rabbit foot will beat out time
you'll find your own rhythm, I'll make my own rhyme
we'll fill up the holes with moonlight & quicksand
remembering always: our life, our hands.

And someday, somebody will come this way
look at these scars & this smile & say,
"I've been running & running to find this place,
the curves of your body, & the look on your face."


To dragging down
pacing aside
the sake of love
the cards we hide

Here's keeping on
it's time to learn
when mind's made up
moon's tides have turned

Will find the place
work out this smile
turn off one heart
mend this awhile

Tears stain & blood spoils
life drains & minds recoil
backs bend & ashes blind
love ends & time unwinds

Hope freedom is a test
that keeps you warm at night.
Dear, wishing all the best
in doing what feels right.