06 October 2009

On Gravity.

What you are about to see may surprise you. The formation of a black hole is not something to be taken lightly.

It takes millions, billions, trillions of years from the birth of the star...

...to the point in its lifespan where it dies and creates a gravitational pull so strong that nothing, nothing escapes its crushing chasm.

Fortunately, this is just an ultrasound of my butt!

A nasty cycling accident on March 13 led to this...

...and a misdiagnosis at Student Health Services at The University of Delaware (surprised?) led to living with a calcified hematoma for 7 months.

I have to get the blood clot surgically removed from my muscle tissue on October 12. Seems this annoying manifestation of bad juju in my derriere gave me a fever last week and could cause blood poisoning.

So, please, after you're done giggling, please pray, meditate on, and otherwise push healthy thoughts and positive energy toward my butt over the next week, that we might slay the demon with minimal scarring. If it was my head, you would, and I consider my butt pre-tty important.

Thanks! We appreciate it!

04 October 2009

Today's Episode...

... is brought to you by the letter "W"
for "Womanhood"
and "Wondrous"
because We are both.

Today's episode is not
brought to you by the letter "E"
because Wondrous is that Way
and not WondErous.

Fun fact. Lesson learned.