28 October 2009

Eat your heart out.

Listen to Her fruits:

so delicious
holistically nutritious
deliver me from evil
boxed cancer waves
icicles vicious

read the colors
flexible dexterous
lie if you want to hide
spicy if the work is hard
sweet if for breakfast

ripped from the ground
protective sheeting
under cover only fleeting
soft womb for your mouth

Red cautious reaction
poison weaving vine
worship the winding
devour inside out

Orange sweet preparation
ooey gooey decadent
keys open transcendent
unlock Pandora's Box

Yellow open pollination
sunshine reflex radiant
blinding pastel gradient
petals stiffly soft

Green fearless syndication
narrow sneaks shifty snakes
riding straight and strait
sliding steady - snap!

Blue mystery vacation
slippery chilled cottage stone
home away from home
drive on down the road

Purple temporal divination
bejeweled unspoken volume
other fruits noms de plume
devices unexplained

Be blessed burning
tongue, lips, nerves alight
revealing secrets
life's love garden
receive gift of second sight

Open up...

26 October 2009

An Open Letter.

Dear Selfless Masses,

You are growing in number,
from a cataract
of good intent,
an addiction
to Veiled Schadenfreude,
an affliction
called Indiscrimination.

Symptoms include
becoming "Yes-men"
with a constant need
to help Others.

Withdrawal includes
recognition of
the screaming need
to focus on yourself.

a harrowing surreality,
we know.

Don't fear.
We're here.
After assessing,
detecting your worth,
we may choose
to assist you.

Should you come up short,
there's nothing we can do
for you.

If you've learned a thing
from this note,
you should not take offense
to such addressed honesty.

 1. know you don't need us,
 2. address what's at stake,
 3. put the TV on the sidewalk,
 4. with the news, build a hat,
 5. bar the door;
 6. unplug,
 7. turn off,
 8. take time,
 9. read this,
10. and don't-forget-to-breathe.

Thoughts will come
if you let them.

If thinking for Self
is too much
coming from us,
remember the words
of your foremartyr:

nothing will change in this world
if you can't first change it
in you.

Hope we see you
on the other side.

With Love,
The Recovery Team