29 December 2011

Fulah It

We've been here before
repeating times & scores of days & weeks & months & years into eternity

Bodhisattva backslides
earthquakes, floods, & mudslides--
The Earth demanding change or tremor 'till we find release

From the cycles
webs we're spinning
spiders, cobwebs in our eyes grant the cleansing tears to wash out all our fears
to make the history we see

We're bored of boards that mask the splinters fracturing or hearts in seven billion tongues & need to be as one before the timewave reaches zero specks of sand

March hand in hand
barefoot across the land to sing our message loud & clear
the beauty everywhere surrounds us so long as clods & wind can hear us coming from the ground

I found my ewe you
the sheep to guide me through no matter what we say we understand the way to love & touch & see

Eternity is real, & we are just two of its creatures.

Evolve with me
& all will be
unity & peace
& two to one

The world is ours.
And ours.
And ours.

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