17 January 2012


We live in a society
that thrives on man's insanity.
The faces all around me
show no faith in humanity.

It's alright to smile.
Don't forget to breathe.
Laughter is the medicine--
fuck your Tums & Vicodin.
The answer is in questioning
the horseshit they've been shoveling.

"Who's They?" we say.
It's us-- the we--
supplying all the energy
to fuel the fire burnin'
since the world's been turnin'.

Look yourself straight in the eyes.
Surprise! You're still there deep inside.
Dig through indoctrination's trials.
Your roots are where you'll find the ties
that bind you to the I & I.

Maybe we're all aliens
placed here on this rock for sins
committed long before this age.
To me, that's neither here nor there.
We're here now, humans
living lives that aren't fair.

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